Highway driving lessons-Take instructor  with you, match your speed when merging with the highway,make the most of your mirrors, stick to the speed limit, overtake correctly, keep your distance. Which highway i will drive-Highway  driving lesson in Queens, highway driving lesson Bronx, highway driving lesson Brooklyn, Manhattan. Just got a new drivers license but scared to drive in highway  no problem our instructor can help you to get more confident to drive by yourself. I have a NYC TLC license ?-You have a New York city Taxi and Limousine license but don’t have enough confident to operate the taxi. then we can help you how to pick up passenger, how to go Manhattan and JFK  & Laguardia  Airport. Our instructor will show you how to get in the east river highway, West side highway. HIGHWAY DRIVING LESSON INCLUDED THE BRIDGES AND TUNNELS? Our instructor will show you all the important highway like Brooklyn queens expressway,Grand central parkway,Long  island expressway,Belt parkway. We can teach you how to get in highway,how to change lane and how to exit from highway. also we will show mid town tunnel,  RFK  bridge,Holland tunnel,Lincoln tunnel,battery tunnel,George Washington bridge,Verrazano bridge. HOW I CAN PICK UP AND DROP OFF PASSENGER IN AIRPORT?- We will show you how to drive in the highway to go to  the airport.After drop the passenger how to go the airport lot then come to  the arrival section to pick up passenger.Highway driving lesson we use our Toyota corolla car with double brake.our instructor knows all the highway in NYC very well,so they can tell you exactly what should you do or not in the highway or freeway.For highway driving lesson call us or email us today