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After the lesson or after the DMV road test will drop off you in front our office.

End of the road test DMV officer will not tell you that you pass or failed ? You may find your road test result the same day after 6pm here 

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Mandatory 5 hour certificate course. Must need for your road test NY

Rush Road Test

Need dmv test date within 1 weeks ? have 5 hour certificate and learner permit ready ?

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Highway lessons

Have a license but long time no practicing ? need to refresh yourself ?

What is the difference between driving in New York and other countries?

Driving in New York City and other countries  can be very different due to several factors, including traffic rules, road conditions, driving culture, and infrastructure.

  1. Traffic rules: New York City follows strict traffic rules and regulations, and drivers are expected to adhere to them. There are clear rules regarding speed limits, lane discipline, and pedestrian rights. Many other countries, while there are traffic rules, they might not always be strictly enforced, leading to a more chaotic driving environment.
  2. Road conditions: New York City generally has well-maintained roads, and potholes and road hazards are quickly addressed. In other countries, especially in some cities or rural areas, road conditions can be more challenging, with potholes, uneven surfaces, and limited signage.
  3. Driving culture: The driving culture in each place can be quite different. In New York City, drivers tend to be more disciplined, and there’s a strong emphasis on defensive driving. In other countries, driving can be more aggressive and chaotic, with frequent honking and a greater tolerance for risk-taking.
  4. Infrastructure: New York City has a well-developed transportation infrastructure, including efficient public transportation systems and well-marked roads. In other countries, transportation infrastructure can vary significantly across different regions, and traffic congestion is a common issue in many cities.
  5. Pedestrian behavior: In New York City, pedestrians generally follow crosswalk signals and traffic rules, and there’s a strong focus on pedestrian safety. In other countries, pedestrian behavior can be less predictable, and jaywalking is more common.
  6. Licensing and training: Obtaining a driver’s license in New York City typically involves passing written and practical tests that focus on traffic rules and safe driving practices. In other countries, licensing processes might vary across states, and enforcement of driving standards can be less stringent.

Overall, driving in New York City and other countries can be a vastly different experience, and anyone planning to drive in either location should familiarize themselves with local traffic laws and driving practices to ensure a safe and smooth experience. If you are used to driving in one location and plan to drive in the other, it’s essential to be prepared for the differences you might encounter.

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