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Can i upgrade or downgrade my Package?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade your package before the road test.If you want to upgrade the package just pay the difference and upgrade it. If you want to downgrade then we will refund the difference to you.

I have 5 hour certificate already ?

If you have 5 hour certificate then you will get $40 discount from your package price.

Can I take a driving lesson before 5 hour course?

Yes you can take a driving lesson before 5 hour course but dmv recommend it is better to take the 5 hour class first then schedule the road test and schedule  all your driving lesson acroding to your road test date. So you can keep in touch until the road test.

How many lesson I need to pass the road test?

It is totally depends on you. You can take one lesson (45 min.) after that  If you think you are ready you can  go for the road test. Our suggestion is  If you are a beginner then you should practice 15-20 hour before your road test.